The Day That Makes You Ask Why...

The Day That Makes You Ask Why...

  • blindness,
  • smell sensitivity,
  • noise sensitivity

Steve, a blind man living in a basement who is sensitive to everything except vision. He wants to avoid bad smells and sounds and get where he's going precisely so he has to plan routes.

Steve wakes up and he can smell yesterday's dinner and it depresses him. Last night, he ate pizza and the smell lingers. The sound of the construction outside penetrate through the walls. He can also hear the streetcars bumping along the line constantly and shaking his building. This has caused him to not get enough sleep. He feels like a zombie. The second floor above has three cats living in the building and they've been running around all night.

A picture of stinky pizza from yesterday's dinner.

Steve has to get to a job interview at 9:00am. He smells some pizza on his shirt. Once he leave his basement apartment, and smells fresh air, he notices that even his clean clothes smell like pizza. He has to search for the interview location on his phone, but he's got a headache because of the lack of sleep and noise. At least the pizza was good. I guess. Oh no, Steve is late for his interview. He kind of knows the area well, but there's construction that just started today so there's temporary fences and walls everywhere disorienting him.

A picture of construction.

Steve asks someone on the street for directions, but the construction noise is too loud and couldn't understand the directions so he goes in the wrong direction. The person helping him is really nice and helps Steve to the building. But before they reach the entrance, they have to leave. And that's why Steve had to spend twenty more minutes looking for the door.

A picture of the bank Steve is applying for a job.

Then he goes in and realizes, the washroom is really smelly. He goes into the elevator and there's no audio feedback for the doors. Steve questions his life. Does he want this job?